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Why is the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) important?
Posted on November 29, 2021
Why is the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) important?

Some importers and local suppliers mistakenly believe that the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) is just an optional requirement for products prepared for distribution and sale in the Kingdom market, which causes many obstacles and rejections while trying to place their products in the market.

The fact that shouldn’t be ignored is that obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark license is highly important for many considerations that will be showcased here.

The Saudi Quality Mark is Mandatory for many products

However the Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) is the mandatory certificate for all regulated products either locally manufactured or imported to the kingdom, The Saudi Quality Mark is an additional mandatory requirement for many products according to the relevant technical regulations.

The scope of the SQM covers the following products:

  • Ready-mix Concrete
  • Cement
  • Ceramic Tiles/ Porcelain Tiles
  • Steel Bars
  • Iron Plate
  • Gas Appliances and Accessories
  • Aluminum Composite Panel for External Cladding and Internal Finish
  • Electrical Extension Cords
  • Plugs, Switches, and Sockets

* There is an exception as the material used for dissolving plastic requires the Saudi Quality Mark, despite belonging to the chemicals category.

The importers and local manufacturers of any of these products are obligated to obtain the Saudi Quality Mark so that the products can be cleared at customs ports if imported or can be placed in the market if locally manufactured.

Not obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark for these products causes preventing them from accessing the Saudi market.


The Saudi Quality Mark role in raising the product’s sales

The Saudi Quality Mark is applied mainly to high-risk products that require high levels of safety to avoid any harm to the consumer or the environment due to manufacturing defects, as granting the Quality Mark requires technical tests and factory audits to ensure adherence to the relevant standards and technical regulations requirements.

Therefore, obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark and labeling it on your products make them gain consumer confidence as the Quality Mark is proof that the product is tested and proved to conform to the highest levels of safety standards, and this confidence will ensure increasing your sales and a bigger share of the market.


The Saudi Quality Mark contribution to enhancing your establishment reputation

Obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark license means that your establishment applies an effective quality management system that contributes to enhancing the establishment’s reputation among the relevant local and international establishments and organizations.

When your organization gets that good reputation, it leads eventually to more sales for your products and revenue increase.

Obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark sounds to add more procedures but in return, it gives more advantages, even these procedures could be processed easily and smoothly if you assigned a trusted and experienced notified body like Tabseer, as we are notified from the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) to carry out the technical study and factory audits, in addition to submitting the recommendation for granting the Saudi Quality Mark.

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