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Products Categorization
What is the Product Categorization ?
Product categorization is a step to register products on Saber electronic platform, and issue the Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) for each category based on the same trademark, country of origin, HS code, and same family.
All the imported and locally manufactured consumer products approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) that are placed and sold in the Saudi Market, are required to be registered on Saber.
Steps of
Product Categorization on Saber
Search and select the product.
Fill the required information.
The product will be saved and added.
The importance of
Product Categorization
Registering products on Saber electronic platform requires product categorization.
The product’s risk level is defined by the system based on their HS code and product category.
Product Categorization
Conceptual Base
The model type (product) is a group of specific products manufactured to be used for the same purpose or to perform one work system. Additionally, these products are manufactured in the same country of origin and factory, and bear the same trademark.
Products Categorization
The transition to electronically registering products and issuing conformity certificates on Saber platform came as a significant step in implementing SALEEM program.
The main purpose of SALEEM is to ensure the safety and quality of products sold in the Saudi markets. This is achieved by controlling, and limiting importing or the manufacturing of non conforming products to the Saudi quality and safety standards dedicated by the relevant technical regulation.
Product Categorization is an important procedure to register products and define the required conformity requirements. This defines the importer and manufacturer's obligations when intending to place a product in the Saudi market.
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