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What is Saber and how to get a Saber certificate?
Posted on October 17, 2021
What is Saber and how to get a Saber certificate?

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) called on manufacturers and importers to register their products on Saber Platform as a mandatory procedure to place both locally manufactured and imported products in the Saudi market.


What is Saber?

Saber was established in 2019 within the constant efforts of SASO to work in line with the kingdom vision 2030 objectives, and as a part of SALEEM program launched to ensure a high level of quality and safety of products. 

Saber is an electronic platform developed by SASO to be an exclusive electronic access for beneficiaries to operate three main procedures:

  • Registering products (both locally manufactured and imported).Applying for the required certificates
  • for imported products to enter the Saudi market.defining the SASO-approved bodies and choosing
  • one of them to issue the certificate.


The most prominent benefit achieved by transferring to Saber is that importers became able to complete the required conformity assessment in the country of origin through a third party (SASO approved bodies), and electronically issue the certificates before the shipment arrives at the Saudi ports.

This enables a quick and easy clearance process at Saudi ports, as the required certificates were previously issued, which ensures product compliance to the relevant technical regulations and conformity to standards.


Required documents to register on Saber 

  • Registration number and expiry date.
  • ID number associated with the commercial register.
  • Copy of the signature of the employee in charge of the facility.
  • Copy of the facility stamp.


Saber implementation phases


First phase: January 2019

SASO launched Saber electronic platform to be mandatory only for Gas Appliances and their accessories.


Second phase: February 2019

SASO Announced applying the new system on second phase products that include the children’s toys, low voltage electricals, and lubricating oils.


Third phase: May 2019

SASO announced the third phase of products to include building materials and electrical lifts. 


Fourth phase: June 2019

SASO announced the fourth phase of products that require saber certificate of conformity.



How to get a Saber certificate?

Before explaining the steps of obtaining a certificate via Saber, first, it is necessary to define the different certificates that can be issued via Saber, as procedures and requirements vary from one to another.

There are three certificates issued via Saber for imported products:

  • Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC)
  • Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC)
  • Self-Declaration Certificate

Some Steps are common to issue any of the three Certificates as follows:

  • The importer or manufacturer is obliged to create an account on Saber to be allowed to apply for the certificate. A Saudi commercial registration is required.
  • To identify the required certificates for a certain product it must be categorized on Saber through searching by the HS- Code or Product name, then the system recognizes the product and shows the requirements.


Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC)

The PCoC is required for the imported regulated products in accordance with technical regulations, as  SASO published a list of the technical regulations that cover products that require conformity assessment and issuing the product certificate.

The importer must select via Saber a SASO-approved body to carry out the conformity assessment and issue the certificate.


Self-Declaration Certificate

The self- Declaration is required for the non-regulated products (not subjected to any technical regulation) both locally manufactured or imported.

The manufacturer of the importer applies to obtain it via Saber, and takes responsibility for the conformity of the product to Saudi standards.



Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC)

The SCoC is required for imported products, both regulated and non-regulated to complete the clearance process.

It can be issued only after issuing the product certificate in case of regulated imported products, and after issuing the Self-Declaration in case of non-regulated imported products.


Who can apply for Saber certificates?

As creating an account on Saber is mandatory to issue any Saber certificate, only the importers and local manufacturers with a Saudi commercial registration can have a Saber account and then apply for certificates.



Tabseer is an approved body by SASO to issue conformity certificates via Saber, we ensure an expert service to carry out the conformity assessment and issue the certificate, in addition to our further services in the different certificates required to access the Saudi and Gulf markets.


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