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Key questions and answers about the new SASO RoHS regulation
Posted on December 27, 2021
Key questions and answers about the new SASO RoHS regulation

In line with the constant efforts of the kingdom leadership to protect the consumer and environment through comprehensive legislative and executive procedures in accordance with the international safety standards, and as a part of the Product Safety Program steps toward a market free of harmful products the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) issued the new Technical Regulation for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (SASO RoHS) that control the allowed percentages of hazardous substances in the Electrical Electronic Equipment prepared for sale in the Saudi market.


Which products fall under the scope of SASO RoHS?


The regulation covers specific EEE categories of products and their spare parts intended for sale in the Kingdom market as follows:

  • Small appliances
  • Large appliances
  • Telecom and IT equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Electrical and electronic tools and equipment
  • Games, entertainment devices, and sports equipment
  • Monitoring and control tools


What is the enforcement date of SASO RoHS technical regulation?


SASO announced in July 2021 obligating the manufacturers and suppliers of electrical and electronic equipment to the requirements of the technical regulation for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and announced on December 2021 that it will be applied gradually in response to the requests of the private sector and international organizations for an extension to apply the regulation requirements.


The new enforcement deadline is as follows:

category Application date
Household appliance 4/7/2022
ICT Equipment 31/12/2022
lighting equipment 31/3/2023
Electrical and electronic tools and equipment 29/6/2023
Toys, recreation equipment, and sports equipment 27/9/2023
Monitor and control tools 26/12/2023


While some other EEE categories of products are excluded from the regulation enforcement as follows:

  • All materials excluded from the application of Hazardous Material Limits include in Annex (1-A) of SASO RoHS Technical Regulation- Check here https://demo.tabseer.co/en/documents/
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military weapons and equipment
  • Large-scale stationary industrial tools
  • Large-scale fixed installations


What are the substances and allowed percentages included in SASO RoHS technical regulation?


The regulation set the maximum allowed percentage of the hazardous substances in the electrical and electronic equipment as follows:




Does the regulation cover the imported EEE?


Yes, SASO RoHS technical regulation covers both the imported and locally manufactured EEE products as long as they are directed for the local market.


What is the impact of SASO RoHS technical regulation enforcement on manufacturers and importers?


The requirements of the new SASO RoHS might be a challenge for the importers and manufacturers of EEE products as they are required to find out technical solutions to ensure that their products will comply with the new requirements.


Understanding the regulation and fast transition to using non-harmful material and adherence to the allowed limits will help in meeting the enforcements date and avoid any violating.


Once it is the enforcement date all products that exceed the allowed limit of hazardous substances will not be allowed to access the Saudi market.


How will products be tested to prove they comply with SASO RoHS technical regulations?


The EEE products covered in SASO RoHS must be subjected to a conformity assessment process to ensure complying with the new requirements and not exceeding the hazardous substances limits set by the regulation.


The conformity body should guide the importer or manufacturer to the relevant tests or required inspection.


In Tabseer we will connect you to the nearest and most trusted laboratory, as we deal with an international network of accredited laboratories which enable testing your products in the country of origin.


How can conformity bodies play a key role in applying the requirements of SASO RoHSteachnical regulation?


The new regulation might sound to add more challenges, but with the help of a reliable and experienced conformity body like Tabseer, these challenges will turn into a smooth process with the technical support that we provide through a professional team of experts will help you to understand the regulatory requirements and guide you to apply them.


In Tabseer in addition to providing the technical support required to meet the requirements of SASO RoHS technical regulation, we as an approved body by SASO will issue the required conformity certificates for your products to be fully ready to access the Saudi market.

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